Surfing Lessons in Muizenberg

Muizenberg Beach is known as the best ‘learn to surf’ beach in Cape Town, and has been a popular surfing beach for over a century. Can you say you had a holiday in Muizenberg if you never tried surfing? We don’t think so! To guide you on your way to becoming a local surfing legend, we’re rounding up the best surfing lessons in Muizenberg in 2020 so you can live like the locals, aweh!

History of surfing in Muizenberg

The first photograph taken of someone surfing at the ‘Berg, was of Heather Price in 1919, on a longboard! Nowadays, surfing lessons in Muizenberg can be on a surfboard, a longboard and a stand up paddle board. With it’s long flat beach stretching for miles, the surf rolls in calmly and consistently providing the perfect conditions to learn how to catch a wave. It’s easier than you think.

Each morning, groups of instructors and surfers from each of the surf schools in Muizenberg gather on the beach for lessons. Every group is kitted out in wetsuits and rash vests, learning the moves on dry land next to their surfboards, it’s quite an awesome sight. Qualified instructors run the surfers through their paces, warming up the body to wake up the surf muscles. Surfing lessons start on the beach first, where you’ll learn how to go from paddling to standing on your board, and once you’ve practiced the moves a few times, it’s time to hit the waves!

Ideal conditions for surfing lessons

Muizenberg is located in False Bay, so named because early world explorers often mistook Hangklip for Cape Point, resulting in various shipwrecks along this shoreline. The wonderful thing about False Bay, is that because the warmer ocean waters of the Mozambique current travel down the East Coast of South Africa, the waters of Muizenberg are not as icy as further down the peninsula. That being said, all surfing lessons in Muizenberg include a wetsuit anyway, so you’ll feel warm and protected, no excuses!

The other awesome advantage of taking a surfing lesson is that your instructor will be with you in the ocean, line you up on your board to catch waves and give you a push when the time is right to surf to victory! There is a real sense of camaraderie in the ocean, everyone cheers when a newbie catches a good wave, and there are lots of laughs too.

Surfing lessons last anywhere from an hour upwards depending on what you’d like. A surfboard and wetsuit are included in the hire, all you need to bring is your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen. At most surfing schools in Muizenberg, you can leave your belongings in a locker for safe keeping, and enjoy a hot shower and a hot coffee afterwards too. Once you’re in the water you’ll forget all your fears and feel like a surfing legend and as you walk out the sea afterwards you’ll be hooked for life! 

Best surf schools in Muizenberg

Schools listed in order walking from Surfer’s Corner along the beach front.

Learn2Surf Surf School

Opening days and times: Mon-Sun 7am-5pm
Address: Surfer’s Corner, Muizenberg
Location pin:   

Learn2Surf is a virtual surfing school, in that all bookings are made and paid online, super convenient. They have various packages and options to choose from, including individual and group lessons, kids surfing parties and week long surf camps with accommodation. They run surf schools all over South Africa and many international locations. 

Surf Shack Surf School

Opening days and times: Mon-Sun 8:30am-5:30pm
Address: 13 York Road, Muizenberg
Location pin: 

As you cross the railway lines at Surfers Corner, Surf Shack is the first surf shop and school, with outdoor seating and boards outside. All of their surfing lessons are 90 minutes; they offer individual and group classes and even lessons for kids under 12. They also offer board and suit hire only. 

African Soul Surfer

Opening days and times: Mon-Sun 7:30am-10:30pm
Address: 13 York Road, Muizenberg
Location pin:  

Next up, or literally right above Surf Shack is African Soul Surfer, which is a backpackers, surf and yoga school and an all round awesome chillspot, with arguably the best view of Surfer’s Corner up on their balcony. Not only do they offer surfing lessons, they run ‘surf camps’ over 2, 3 and 5 days which really immerse you in the surf culture of Muizenberg and include accommodation, daily breakfast and 2 surfing sessions a day. They also offer board and hire suit only.

Lifestyle Surf Shop

Opening days and times: Mon-Sun 8:30am-5pm
Address: 21 York Road, Muizenberg
Location pin:  

Lifestyle is an awesome surf shop stocking all the major surf brands as well as the widest range of boards and wetsuits available to purchase. They offer individual and group lessons, as well as special rates for corporate events or birthday parties. They also offer board and wetsuit hire only, and an all day rental rate.

Xpressions on the Beach

Opening days and times: Mon-Sun 7am-6pm
Address: 10 Empire Building, Beach Road, Muizenberg
Location pin:  

Xpressions on the beach is a surf and SUP (stand up paddle board) school, surf shop and awesome coffee shop with front row seats on the beach. They offer individual and group lessons, and surfing lessons especially for kids. They’re running a Winter school holiday special with daily lessons at a reduced rate, bookings are essential so check out their website for more details.

Roxy’s Surf Emporium

Opening days and times: Mon-Sun 7am-6:30pm
Address: 66 Beach Road, Muizenberg
Location pin: 

Roxy Surf Emporium offers it all; from individual surfing lessons to fully immersive surf programmes, they’re a surf store with all the top brands and they have a coffee shop. They run surf programmes throughout the year for different audiences; check out Surf Divas just for women, or Freezer lessons for kids under 12, there’s even a ‘Mom’s and Grom’s’ programme! They are also running school holiday surf programmes so check out their website for more.

Gary’s Surf School

Opening days and times: Mon-Sun 8am-5pm
Address: 34 Beach Road, Muizenberg
Location pin:  

Gary’s Surf school shares a location with Hang Ten Cafe on the beachfront, with an awesome view of the surf. They offer individual and group classes as well as a mobile surf school to take your new found skills to other beaches of Cape Town and guided surf day tours if you just can’t get enough. 

Enjoy your surf!